Helping Women Thrive

Beauty and Wellness

When you have the young energy that comes with taking care of yourself, you want it to show! You exercise, eat well, and try to avoid stress, but even women who are in excellent health eventually show some signs of aging. We want you to look as beautiful as you feel. Our advanced laser skin treatments and injectable therapies can help you achieve a younger-looking, more beautiful you with subtle changes and big improvements. We create personalized programs for each woman’s skin and goals – no cookie-cutter treatments here! And we know good health shows, so our nutrition counseling services help women maintain a healthy weight as well as glowing skin, strong bones, shiny hair and alluring confidence.

OB-GYN Health

Our staff knows how difficult it can be to address women’s health issues, and they are sensitive to each woman’s physical and emotional concerns. No woman should have to live with the pain of reproductive or pelvic health problems, whether it’s vaginal atrophy, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis or issues such as yeast infections, urinary tract infections, stress incontinence or menstrual irregularities. At Integrative Wellness, we listen to our patients and trust them to know their own feelings and bodies. We’ll diagnose, treat and prevent according to your needs, goals and lifestyle.

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."

- Maya Angelou

Intimate Health

Sexual health is critical to your well-being and sense of self. We offer the latest in treatment technologies for fast, comfortable treatment of your intimate health issues. Women shouldn’t have to live with the physical and emotional pain of vaginal atrophy. We offer many non-invasive options, including diVa® laser vaginal therapy, that are effective with little downtime or recovery needed. When needed, we have an excellent surgical team that knows the least disruptive ways to address problems that require more intense treatment. We want you to regain your passion and confidence!

Meet Dr. Mareeni Stanislaus

Dr. Mareeni Stanislaus has devoted her life to creating an open, compassionate practice where women know they will be heard and respected. She was among the first female OB-GYNs to serve California's Central Coast, where she has worked and resided since 1996. Her holistic approach to women's health enables her to fully understand her patients' issues and concerns so that she can diagnose and treat the full scope of their health in the context of the whole person. After achieving dual undergraduate degrees from Stanford University, she went on to medical school at UC San Diego. She then completed her internship and residency at the University of Pennsylvania. Today she operates out of Twin Cities Hospital, Sierra Vista Hospital and French Hospital and also has privileges at Mee Memorial Hospital and Marian Regional Medical Center.

"My laser treatment was fabulous. Keleen provided the ultimate in professional, but compassionate care. And I love the results!"

Jennifer T.

"Dr. Stanislaus is awesome, her bedside manner is most comforting and her professionalism is outstanding. "Great OBGYN"

Patty M.

"Dr. Stanislaus makes me feel like I'm her most important patient. Her care is always warm and empathetic, while medically top notch."

Nancy P.

"Kristy has done numerous laser hair removal treatments for me. The treatments are great and so is she - always friendly and very professional."

Taylor R.

"I just have to share how excited I am about the results of my laser treatment. I stopped by to see a friend recently that I had not seen in almost 6 months. She greeted me with "Oh my, you look amazing. What have you done?"

Janet W.