Plexus® supplements for a healthy microbiome

Dr. Stanislaus recommends Plexus products to her patients for nutrition, weight loss, gut health and skin health, because the products address the underlying cause of her patients’ daily struggles — a healthy microbiome.

What is Plexus®?

Plexus is on the cutting edge of health science, with a range of products focused on every aspect of your health and happiness. Their products help your body get rid of the bad stuff, pave the way to better digestive health, and feed your system to benefit the body and mind. The products are the highest quality, non-GMO, and gluten free, wherever possible. Most importantly, Plexus products work. They’re all for health, so there’s health for all!*

Which Plexus® product is right for me?

If you’d like guidance as to which products are right for you, please call the office for information.

How can I purchase Plexus®?

Many products are available at our Templeton office and in our Online Store.

You can also see the full line of Plexus products at to sign up as a direct Plexus customer, use Ambassador # 900817018.

Don't Just Survive. Thrive.

Nutrafol Supplements for Hair Restoration

Diet, lifestyle, and genetics are often related to hair loss in men and women. Nutrafol supplements can be an effective, all-natural solution for people with mild to moderate hair thinning and loss. This line of clinically proven hair growth nutraceuticals includes options tailored to individual bio-specific patient needs and life stages. Read more about our recommended line of Nutrafol supplements, and see them in our Online Store.