vFit PLUS: At-home Vaginal Revitalization

Up to 50% of women experience pelvic floor issues brought on by childbearing, age, and obesity, which can cause quality of life issues, anxiety, and embarrassment. vFit PLUS™ is a home-use device for pelvic floor and vaginal health for post-partum, peri-menopausal, and post-menopausal women.

Dr. Stanislaus Says

"This convenient, affordable, at-home treatment combines low-level red LED light, gentle thermal energy, and sonic vibration to reduce pelvic floor issues and promote vaginal health."

vFit PLUS is a stand-alone option for those who prefer at-home treatment, or it can be used for maintenance and post-care for other vaginal revitalization treatments like diVa and ThermiVa. This revolutionary at-home treatment became available in the United States mid-2018 and is only available via your physician’s office. Dr. Stanislaus is the exclusive provider offering vFit PLUS within a 100-mile range.

How does vFit PLUS work?

vFit PLUS incorporates a combination of four state-of-the-art vaginal revitalization technologies:

  • Red Light (LEDs): vFit PLUS uses UV-free red lights (LEDs) in the 662nm wavelength, chosen for their safety profile and optimal wellness results. vFitPLUS is the first company in the world that uses this technology to help improve intimate wellness.
  • Gentle Heat: vFit PLUS emits a gentle heat intended to warm the vaginal tissue and encourage blood flow. This gentle heat also amplifies the results that come from the LEDs. Most women report the heat is very pleasant and comfortable.
  • Sonic Vibration: vFit PLUS has 10 sonic vibration modes for your customization. Each mode is a different vibration pattern. Test all available patterns and choose the one that you most enjoy.
  • Photonic Gel: vFit PLUS created a specialized gel to use with vFitPLUS. This ultra-concentrated, water-based gel is infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe, two ingredients that help moisturize, and will enhance your vFitPLUS performance and comfort.

Why vFit PLUS for vaginal revitalization?

  • Quick: 12 minutes/day, every other day for 6 weeks
  • Effective: 9 out of 10 experience results
  • Fast: Noticeable benefits within 3 weeks
  • Safe: Non-invasive and hormone-free
  • Easy: Use in privacy of their home
  • Comfortable: Adjustable settings let you ease into the protocol that works for you.
  • Affordable

“This product is amazing! Such a beautiful device, so easy to use and, most importantly, amazing results! And such a great value. I recommend this to all my girlfriends.” - Kristine

vFit PLUS results for vaginal revitalization*

  • 95% Reported improved vaginal wellness
  • 89% Felt improved vaginal sensation
  • 89% Experienced stronger intimacy and pleasure
  • 95% Found the device comfortable to use

*Third party study, women using the vFitPLUS for 60 days.

Is vFit PLUS vaginal revitalization right for you?

Dr. Stanislaus and her staff can help you decide what your best treatment options are for improving your vaginal health and confidence. Call today to set up your consultation!